Secondary drive 1 not found dell 2400

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Aug 24, 2009 Secondary Drive 1 not found I have a DELL Dimension 8300 desktop that I recently wiped out and reinstalled XP fresh. Before, it had numerous hard drives and 2 CD drives installed in it. I pretty much took them all out as well. Using cursor buttons navigate to Secondary Drive 1 and set it to Off .Mar 12, 2012 Author Topic: Dell Dimension 2400 Will not boot. Does not detect HDD or DVD RW drives. . (Read times) secondary drive 1 not found dell 2400

Jan 05, 2010 I've got an old Dell Dimension 2400 that I'm trying to repair for a friend, and when I try and boot it up, it says that secondary drive 0 and 1 are not found, press f1 to continue, or f2 to enter setup. What's worse, is despite the fact that I KNOW the hard drive, and both dvd drives are properly attached, when it begins to power up, if I press f1, it does so slooooowly

Jul 08, 2012 When i turn on my pc i get a black screen with primary drive 1 not found, secondary drive 1 not found. press f1 to continue, but when i press f1 the windows xp screen starts loading up then freezes. Re: Secondary Drive 0 Not Found Secondary Drive 1 Not Found Open your case and remove, then reseat each IDE connector, including the motherboard. Then perform the Force IDE device redetect: boot to system setup, turn on caps lock, scroll lock, & number lock.secondary drive 1 not found dell 2400 Primary drive 0 not found Dell Dimension 2400 P4 WinXP posted in Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT: Hello All, I have been working on a computer that was badly infected with several rootkits. After removing them it would not boot. I tried WinXP recovery console (chkdsk r and fixboot) and that didn't work. After extracting the user data from the disk, I tried doing a fresh install of WinXP

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Secondary drive 1 not found dell 2400 free

My computer cannot find he primary hard drive. After I turn on my computer I get a message that says; Primary drive 0 not found, primary drive 1 not found, secondary drive 1 not found, strike f1 key to continue, f2 to run the setup utility. Dell Dimensions 2400 Primary Drive 0 Not Found. secondary drive 1 not found dell 2400 Mar 25, 2008  Hi guys, I think I'm in big trouble, I have a Dell XPS Lap Top Pentium 4HT 3. 40GHz and on boot up it doesnt see the Hard Drive, it says Primary hard disk drive 0 not found I took out the single screw removed and reinserted the hard drive hoping it was just a bad connection but no luck, before this problem I could not get the CDDVD bay to open but I think that is a separate issue but I have a Dell Dimension 2400 computer. It has 1 GB memory 80 GB Hard Drive. The problem is that when I turn it Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist Feb 14, 2009 Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure Primary Drive 1 Not Found Secondary Drive 0 Not Found Secondary Drive 1 Not Found Strike F1 Key to continue, strike F2 key to run setup utility. . In setup utility under Boot Sequence it says CDRom Device (not installed) Thank You I have a Dimension 2400 series. Bios version A05 Secondary drive 0 not found. Strike the F1 key to contine, F2 to run setup utility. What do I do. Have no clue if I did something or not. Haven't added any hardware. This has been like this for months. Press the F1 key and continue logging on and