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All Purdue students, faculty, and staff automatically receive network storage space, referred to as a career account home directory, with 5 GB of storage. Home directories are automatically available on all ITaP lab computers, and can be accessed from personal computers. NOTE: You may need to connect to the VPN if you are offcampus.File Transfer Tools. To copy files between ITaP research clusters and your personal computer, you may use any of the following or other compatible tools. Windows Network Drive (SMB or CIFS) You may use builtin Windows network drive support from Windows, Mac, or Linux systems to access access h drive purdue mac

How do I access my H: or R: drive from home? Open Internet Explorer or an Internet browser of choice. Type in in the address bar. When prompted, type in your career username and password. Click on Sign In. Once logged in, click on H: drive (Home Drive) or R: drive (Departmental Drive) on the left hand side bar.

To find your H Drive: Doubleclick on the My Computer icon on your desktop. After you open My Computer, it should look something like the image below. 1. Type in webvpn. purdue. edu and click Connect: 4. Enter your Purdue username and password when prompted. 5. Once connected, open the Finder and from the menu bar select Finder Go Connect to Server 6. Enter the path to the network drive you wish to mount and click Connect. 1. You may save the network paths by clicking the button.access h drive purdue mac A Purdue photo ID is needed for identification purposes. Home Directory Access From an ITaP lab: From a Windows PC, go to Windows Explorer and look for drive H: From an Apple Mac, your Career Account home directory is mounted as your home directory. From your personal desktop or laptop:

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Access h drive purdue mac free

IT SelfHelp: Accessing Network Drives From Home. How do I access network drives from home using a Mac? How do I modify netshares from home? Windows VistaWindows 7. Go to My Computer and access the drive containing the saved file. Rightclick on the saved file and choose Copy. access h drive purdue mac Connect to Purdue VPN (Mac) 1. If you have a Purdue University owned laptop, you should already have the Cisco AnyConnect client installed onto your computer. Please skip to step 4 to learn how to configure it. FIRST locate this icon on your dockin LaunchPad, or in your Applications folder. 2. You may access your Home Drive in different ways, depending on your location and the computer you are using. If you are using a computer in an Instructional Technology Center (ITC), you should automatically have access to your H: drive (on a PC) or your Home drive (on the dock on a Mac). To access this site, you must be previously authorized. A list of IT Support staff with access may be found here. To obtain authorization to access the Enterprise Software Download site, please contact ITaP's Customer Service Center at or email [email protected] edu. for the S: drive: Make sure the checkbox next to Reconnect at logon is selected if you wish to have this drive appear each time you restart your computer. If you normally log into this computer with your Purdue Career account, skip to the next step.