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Jul 25, 2011  While the computers programs and the Windows operating system itself typically live on the C: drive, some companies create a separate D: drive partition on the hard drive to stash backup and recovery software that can be used if something goes wrong with the computer.I want to install more games on my computer but my C: drive has run out of memory. Both drives have 111GB but my C: drive is full. Putting Games on Data (D: ) drive. Kiranium Aug 25, 2014, 11 computer data d drive

Computer dictionary definition of what drive means, including related links, information, and terms. Computer dictionary definition of what drive means, including related links, information, and terms. drive and a CDROM or other disc drive is the D: drive. Note: Some users may confuse a drive with a driver. These are separate terms.

Nov 18, 2007 Im new to this computer thing so bare with me. My computer is very low on memory (C: Drive) but I notice I have another drive (D: ) that has lots of memory avalible. Jun 22, 2012 He's looking for help identifying the D: drive on his computer: Why is it there, what is it used for, and can he store data on it? Without actually knowing the size and contents of your drive, Icomputer data d drive Jul 23, 2010  When I open computer to look at my drives, there is a DATA (D) drive listed. I know that the C drive is where all of my files and programs are located, and I

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Also, I do not recommend one move My Documents from Cdrive to Ddrive, rather, simply copying data files out of My Documents over into designated Ddrive folders worked best for me. computer data d drive I hope this is in the right place. awhile ago my computer had a heart attack and died. but d drive is still full, someone sai Tom's Guide how do i recover the files from d drive Using D drive will not mess the computer. Alternately, you can merge the D drive with C drive and have just one drive on your computer. Here are the steps: Note: Please ensure that you back up the data before performing the steps below. Nov 15, 2008 How to open D: or E: drive? When I go to My Computer and try to open my D: or E: drives, rather than just open up like they have forever, now I get the window open that asks, Choose the program you want to open this file. Oct 29, 2012 My D drive is missing make, and model or your computer and for D drive? Try removing the D drive and unpludding and replugging in the connections to see if that might be the problem. Although this will not affect your data, settings, or programs, you should still backup your data before starting just to be on the safe side