Imac does not see internal hard drive

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Jul 13, 2006 MacRumors Forums. Forums Macs Mac Basics and Help. NEED HELP! My iMac won't see it's internal Hard Drive. Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Balli, Jul 7, 2006. Most Liked Posts. Definitely get a copy of Disk Warrior, boot from the CD and see if your drive is repairable. I just ran a barrage of tests and repairs on my G5Mac Or MacBook Doesnt Recognize External Drives, Troubleshooting Tips Hi I am trying to follow the instructions you have using terminal as my external hard drive does not show up under disk utility or storage, but does show up in my system report. USB port each time, if available. IF still nothing, ask a friend or family member (or imac does not see internal hard drive

My iMac is not recognizing the Hard Drive. I have a Mac OsX 2. 66 Ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB 800MHz, DDR2 SD RAM. I have been having problems with my iMac not recognizing the hard drive

My internal hard drive not showing up in finderits just showing a remote drive imac Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist We use cookies to give Disable External Accessories. You computer may appear to not recognize your hard drive due to a faulty USB connection. Sometimes your USB devices malfunction and draw too much power from the computer. When a device draws too much power, the computer shuts itself down or disables the port drawing the excess power to prevent a surge that could damage your computer.imac does not see internal hard drive Sorry Rhubarb but the next step is to physically remove the hard drive from the iMac. If you are not comfortable then the best option is to go to an Apple Store or Authorized repair center and let them do it for you. They might even be able to test the iMac, hard drive cable, and the hard drive for you. Best case the cable just crapped out.

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Imac does not see internal hard drive free

Apple hard drives have temperature probes inside; thirdparty SSDs do not. This cable adds a probe to your SSD, preventing the iMac from panicking and turning on its fans at full blast whenever imac does not see internal hard drive On OS X Lion I don't see the hard drive in the Finder and I seem to have no permission to create a folder under from terminal. I know I can do this if I activate the root user, but I need to be able to see the directories I have created under in the Finder. Why won't disk utility recognize my new hard drive? We just followed the instructions to install a new hard drive on our imac, but Disk Utility won't recognize the drive. I read some people need jumpers to get the new drive to work, but I'm not sure that applies in our situation. Jun 06, 2017 Is there a way to mount the main hard drive? Even though I can't see it at all. bash3. 2# diskutil list I did use Utility Disk again and I saw my internal hard disk there, although no errors there when checking the SSD. Internal hard drive not showing up More Less. Apple Footer. At this point I assumed I had a broken hard drive cable. As one last ditch effort, I tried plugging in the old thoughttobedamaged hard drive into into an external USB SATA dock. To my surprise it was detected by the OS when doing an Option boot and I was able to load OS X. From there the OS could see the internal SSD drive I had installed.