Three best conductors of electricity

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Electrical conductors are materials that conduct electricity; insulators don't. Why? Whether a substance conducts electricity depends on how easily electrons can move through it. Protons don't move because, while they would carry electrical charge, they are bound to other protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei.Aug 06, 2016 Related Questions More Answers Below. Gold ( Yes Silver and Copper are better electrical conductors than Gold). Graphene conducts electricity better than Silver but is impractical for most purposes. Diamond does not conduct electricity but it does conduct heat better than Silver or Copper which are also great conductors of heat. three best conductors of electricity

Materials that let electricity flow through them easily are called conductors. Most metals are conductors; however, materials that prevent electricity from flowing are also important for circuits. These materials are called insulators. Most rubbers and plastic are insulators.

Top 10 Good Conductors of Electricity. 5 years ago by OmgTopTens 0. Uranium; Gold is a yellow metal, best known for a costly metal and widely used in the making of ornaments. Gold is not only a good conductor of electricity, but also a good conductor of heat. The Conductors Examples. 4. Mixing metals with semimetals like silicon creates superconducting materials which allow for the integrated processing devices that run our newest phones and computers. 5. Silver and aluminum are also good conductors of heat and electricity.three best conductors of electricity Factors That Affect Electrical Conductivity Temperature: Changing temperature of silver or any other conductor alters its conductivity. In general, increasing the temperature causes thermal Impurities: Adding an impurity to a conductor decreases its conductivity. For example, sterling silver is

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Name 3 different conductors of electricity? Almost all metals are decent electrical conductors. 3 of the best and most commonly used are: copper, silver, and gold. Share to: three best conductors of electricity List of Conductors and Insulators A conductor is a substance in which electrons can move freely from one atom to another. An insulator is a substance in which electrons cannot move from one How can the answer be improved? A: In general, metals like copper and aluminum are the best conductors of electricity. Good conductors are able to allow electrons to easily flow through. Three conductors of electricity are metals, water and the humanbody.