External hard drives cheaper than internal

2020-02-26 16:56

Jan 15, 2019 Why are External HDDs cheaper than Internal HDDs. Thread starter smitbret; Um, no. Competition makes prices go down, not up. Internal hard drives are still high because the flood has people thinking that the prices are going to be inflated forever. The binning would go the other way aroundthey know most people don't use externalNov 29, 2014 I am guessing that they price the externals cheaper in part because they usually carry a shorter warranty. They also probably don't have to warranty as many percentagewise since people will tend to physically damage external drives than they do internal drives. external hard drives cheaper than internal

Discussion Why are external hard drives generally cheaper than internal hard drives? I've noticed that external hard drives are generally much cheaper than getting an internal hard drive. Is there any reason for this? For example, just looking through Newegg's website I notice this:

If you look in any online shop you can see that usually external usb harddisk are cheaper than internal hdd with the same size. Why external harddisk are cheaper than internal [closed Why is a USB 3. 0 external hard drive is performing faster than internal hard drives? 0. Most external hard drives are made by the drive manufacturers themselves. Cutting out the middleman allows them to sell the external drives cheaper. Most drives used in USB cases aren't performance drives. On USB external drives the USB interface itself is far slower than the slowest of hard drives thus manufactures can use the cheapest drives.external hard drives cheaper than internal Aug 26, 2015  Enclosed drives cheaper than bare drives? What gives? Drives are somehow cheaperless reliable in external drives. Perhaps bare drives

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