12/2 vs 12/3 electrical wire

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Oct 14, 2003 Register Log In Handyman WIRE Forums Electrical 122 vs 123 wiring: Forums Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Who's Online Now: 3 registered members (3 invisible), 221 guests, and 3 spiders. Key: Admin, Global Mod, Mod. Welcome Newcomers Only registered users may only post in our forums. Please register and join our community.Sep 04, 2008 Preparing to wire my new home and have bought 122 wire and 20A breakers for all baths, my basement workshop, garage, and the kitchendining area. Purchased 142 wire and 15A breakers for all other outlet circuits and lighting circuits such as living room, hallways, and bedrooms. 12/2 vs 12/3 electrical wire

Mar 07, 2005 122 cable is three wire cable, all 12 gauge. One conductor is black, one white, and one is bare (no insulation). Except for a switch loop, the black is used for the hot wire and the white is used for the neutral. The bare wire is always a ground. 123 cable is four wire cable, all 12 gauge.

Mar 07, 2009  122 vs. 123 I'm basically going to tap into an existing 20 amp circuit outlet in the kitchen to install an extra outlet. I need to do this as I am moving the Dec 02, 2001  The 12 refers to the size of wire in AWG American Wire Gauge. 12 gauge wire can legally carry 20 Amps, and would be used if the circuit breaker is 20 A.12/2 vs 12/3 electrical wire Shop our selection of 2, 12, Wire in the Electrical Department at The Home Depot.

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Where would you use a 143 wire vs. 142? Update Cancel. a d b y S w a g b u c k s. c o m. Electrical wire naming standards are similar in Canada and the USA. 142 (said fourteen two) wire actually contains three wires. One ground (bare copper), one neutral (white coating) and 12/2 vs 12/3 electrical wire Feb 04, 2013 123 vs 122 Rewiring whole house? Im taking my 1 bedroom house down to studs and rewiring the whole system from the Breaker, all new switches, outlets, new boxes, rescess lighting etc. I plan on adding 3way switches and dimmers. Electrical Frequency asked questions, wire naming convention. Home; BudgetCosts; usually an extra ground wire. 122 means 12 gauge, two insulated current carrying wires, plus a bare ground. 122 wire usually has a black, white and bare ground wire. white and bare ground wire. 123 wire is used for 220V with neutral or in threeway 2 Wire and 3 Wire Cables. By Dave Rongey Summary: Electrical Wiring Question: How do you know when to use 122 versus 123, 143 versus 142. I keep on getting confused on when to use 2 wire versus 3 wire. Circuits Installed from the Electrical Panel 2Wire Circuit A 2wire (black and white with the ground) cable will be used for one hot What is Romex? What is 122 or 143 Electrical Cable? T he electrical system in most homes and businesses is wired using sheathed, insulated wire. Romex is a brand name that is wellknown for manufacturing this type of electrical wire. Romex NM cable, (pronounced romeecks), and competing brands of cable contain two or more insulated conductors (wires) in a flexible plastic sheath that can