Parabolic trough drive system

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Chapter 5 Parabolic Trough Technology Authors Matthias Gnther1 Michael Joemann1 Simon Csambor1 Reviewers which is used to drive a steam turbine, which, on its part, drives the electric generator. was 1, 200 m. 7 The system was able to pump 27, 000 litres of water per minute. 8A complete tracking system of the parabolic trough was tested to check if the gear box, motor and control box would be able to operate together to rotate the parabolic trough. The test results were successful, and the trough is able to rotate in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. parabolic trough drive system

High Performance, Low Cost. SkyTrough is SkyFuels high performance parabolic trough solar concentrator for use in utility scale solar thermal power plants for generating electricity or for industrial process heat applications. SkyTrough is based on proven parabolic trough geometry but incorporates several innovative features

Most current solar thermal power plants uses a parabolic trough design called LUZ system (LS1, 2 and 3) collectors. Made from galvanized steel to support its torquetube structure, Luz collector represents the standard design. Solargenix Energy and NREL collaborated to have developed a new collector structure that uses extruded aluminum. Parabolic Trough Solar Systems. The three main types of CSP systems are parabolic trough, power tower, and dish Sterling engine systems. All use the thermal energy from the sun to generate electricity. CSP systems are marketed mainly to utilities as they take up a fair amount of land and require mechanical maintenance.parabolic trough drive system parabolic trough designsthe SkyTrough and the Ultimate Trough. The assumed solar field area in both cases was about 1. 1 million square metersthe equivalent of a large CSP plant.

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Parabolic troughs consist of a trough collector, reflectors, heat collection receivers, and a drive or tracking system [3. According to Amed Rhif, there are three types of solar trackers used, especially in photovoltaic plants [4. The types of solar trackers are passive, active, and chronological trackers. parabolic trough drive system Design. A parabolic trough is made of a number of solar collector modules ( SCM) fixed together to move as one solar collector assembly ( SCA ). A SCM could have a length up to 15 metres (49 ft 3 in) or more. About a dozen or more of SCM make each SCA up to 200 metres (656 ft 2 in) length. The parabolic solar trough uses a mechanical slewing drive with a electronic tracker that uses a mathematical algorithm to track the sun. The tracker is orientated A New Generation of Parabolic Trough Technology. Luz System 2 (LS2) Luz System 3 (LS3) LS2. 1985 2000. LS3. ETI 1989 2005 ETII. Collector Development History EuroTrough Concentrator. EuroTrough. Hydraulic drive. Accumulator for defocusing during power failure.