Front wheel drive cars vs rear wheel drive

2020-02-24 14:24

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist. Should you buy a rearwheeldrive car, a frontwheeldrive car or an allwheeldrive car? The answer depends on what kind of a driver you are, the conditions you typically drive in and what you expect the car to be able to do best.RAY: And Mercedes is proud of its rearwheel drive because purists say that rearwheel drive provides more balanced performance. Putting the differential in the back instead of the front helps bring the car's overall weight distribution closer to 5050, which makes for slightly better handling. front wheel drive cars vs rear wheel drive

Manufacturers, mechanics, car enthusiasts, and consumers, have long debated the rearwheel drive versus frontwheel drive issue. Determining which vehicles tend to handle better, and which are safer, is at the heart of the debate.

RearDrive Pros And Cons. Though most mainstream cars are now built on frontdrive platforms, rearwheel drive remains the configuration of choice among luxury cars and sports cars. Frontwheel drive (FWD) versus rearwheel drive (RWD) may be the most contentious automotive debate since Ford versus Chevy, or trucks versus cars. Advertisement The two technologies grew up on separate paths, and each has its own distinct advantages.front wheel drive cars vs rear wheel drive Neither frontwheel drive nor rearwheel drive is really better than the other. Today's sophisticated traction and stability control systems are so good they can mask or enhance the true driving

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Dec 23, 2017 The front and rear wheel drives are so designed as per the weight distribution and type of application of the vehicle. In front wheel drive the power transmission is at front axle of the vehicle, the weight is so distributed at front side of the vehicle. front wheel drive cars vs rear wheel drive Let us now understand what are advantages of Rear wheel drive(RWD) over Front wheel drive(FWD) and why we are not using RWD in usual cars. b) Rear Wheel Drive(RWD): In this layout, the power from the engine is given to rear wheels i. e. the engine drives the rear wheel. If your car is frontwheel drive, then the transmission provides power to the front wheels and theyre the ones that power the cars movement. Rearwheel drive: If your car is rearwheel drive, the transmission will direct power to your back wheels to move the vehicle. Rear wheel drive cars tend to be heavier, cost more money, and be less fuelefficient (but not always), than front wheel drive cars. AWD (All Wheel Drive) With AWD, automakers actually hedge their bets: AWD offers the best of both rear wheel drive and front wheel drive. The also promotes good traction. Due to their better traction due to weight distribution, frontwheeldrive vehicles are preferred to rearwheeldrive if one needs to drive in snow, mud or wet roads.