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Can you name the Top 100 Sega Genesis Games? Test your knowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Gaming Quiz Top 100 Sega Mega DriveGenesis Games Random Gaming or Console Quiz Tags: Console Quiz, genesis, Mega Drive, sega, Sega Games, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega, Sonic the Hedgehog, Top 100. TopEarthworm Jim was an amazing amalgamation of refined run and gun game play, comedy, tons of charm and generally all around brilliant presentation. A Mega Drive original that was so successful that it got ported to every other machine and even got it's own cartoon series. top 100 juegos megadrive

Aug 07, 2017 More Sega love! This time, the Sega Genesis aka Mega Drive. List was created by the good folks over at RetroSanctuary who know their stuff (http: retrosan

StealthRUSH's Top 100 Favorite Mega Drive Games Growing up my neighbor and I would trade each others 16bit consoles Super Nintendo for Sega Genesis for periods of time. Although I never owned Sega Mega Drive console or games, I've rented numerous titles throughout the years and played majority of NTSC released games. Oct 24, 2008  Top 100 Mega Drive Games If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before youtop 100 juegos megadrive RetroSanctuary presents the Top 100 Genesis Games, covering all the classics released for one of the most notable gaming consoles in history. Top 100 Best Genesis Games Ever Reviews Archive

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My Top 10 Sega Megadrive Genesis Games. May 13, 2012 rolyretroadmin 3 Comments. Share! Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. No Megadrive Top 10 would be complete without a decent shooter, and although it was a tough choice with so much to choose from, Aero Blasters is my pick of the bunch. 9. Golden Axe 2 top 100 juegos megadrive Top 10: Juegos de rol en Megadrive Voy a crear mi particular top 10 de los mejores juegos de rol de Megadrive. Tras largas y largas deliberaciones del jurado, stos han sido los resultados: ya que se podra decir que estos son los mejores RPG's de Mega Drive. Personalmente, y a falta de jugar a los Shining Force y a los Phantasy Star, me Top Ten Mega Drive Games. by Retro Gamer Team, 7 January 2014 95, 485 views 11 comments. Many consider the Mega Drive to be Segas best console and its not hard to see why. It had a huge number of diverse games, and some of the best arcade conversions around. Oh and it also signalled the launch of a little hedgehog called Sonic It's fitting that a studio made up of exKonami developers would make their debut as Treasure by making a game that looks like an overthetop cartoony reboot of Contra. Even the weapons initially We did manage to go through over a thousand Genesis and Mega Drive games in the last couple months to make sure every release was considered. this list represents the 100 best games for the