Don't yell at your hard drives

2020-02-24 14:27

Now this is very interesting. Of course what is happening is the vibrations are getting picked up. LOL 10 year old video!Feb 15, 2018 Don't scream at your hard drives Sign in to follow this. Followers 1. Don't scream at your hard drives. They don't like it 2 Share this post. Link to post. SSD 313 SSD 313 Now I can tell my wife that she can't yell at me anymore due to a server being in the same room. 1 Share this post. don't yell at your hard drives

No, seriously don't. An engineer at Sun Microsystems' Fishworks lab discovered that yelling at your harddrive causes sharp (yet momentary) increases in the harddrive's latency. The engineer demonstrated this by yelling a portion of a server holding a RAID JBOD array, while monitoring its IOs and latencies of the drive he was yelling at it.

May 04, 2018 I never, ever yell at my hard disks. I do however often yell, even scream, at Photoshop (but I love it still). I have never seen any reaction to the yells, except from my dog, who gets very excited No hard drives were injured in the making of this post. Feb 22, 2017  Also check with hard drive manufacture for their free wipe programs. To take apart a drive all you need is a Torx driver, and a flat blade screw driver. Watch this video to see how easy itdon't yell at your hard drives The same applies to your consoles too. Theres nothing more you can do to avoid this really. Vibrations. The next thing all the hard drives in the world hate are the vibrations. Any significant level of vibrations can ultimately nudge the hard drives head off the data track, or worse, crash it onto the platter.

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Does yelling at your hard drive make it slower? Overclock. net Forums Components Hard Drives& Storage Does yelling at your hard drive make it slower? Currently, there are 1995 Active Users (253 Members and 1742 Guests) don't yell at your hard drives May 09, 2007 Poll: Do you yell at your computer? Be advised that this is a public poll: other users can see the choice(s) you selected. I don't yell at my wife, the cats, my customers or people who are 'trying' to help me, though I may occassionally talk strongly from time to time. My computer yells at me. Sometimes the hard drives or fans foretell