Plug in hard drive and nothing happens mac

2020-02-24 14:42

Feb 08, 2013 If you plug in your external HD, or USB flash drive and nothing happens, dont freak! Follow these simple steps to get your data back Enjoy.Jun 15, 2009 These drives are known for connectivity issues. This is what I end up doing. Put the power plug in the hard drive and listen to it start up then put the firewire or usb plug in and if that doesn't work do it in the opposite order e. g. plug the usb or firewire plug in and then the power. plug in hard drive and nothing happens mac

Feb 09, 2010 Hi, click on Start, click on My Computer. When it opens look for Hard Drives and it should be listed under there. Right click the icon for that drive and select Create Shortcut. It will then ask you where you want to put it, select desktop. Please note that you must have external drive connected for it to show under Hard Drives.

Computre not reconizing my my book HDD 1TB usb 2. 0 but it does power up but when you try to plug the usb cord in nothing happens on the computre it dont even show up under devicer manager. Try an new USB cord. If nothing happens, then most like scenario is the controller card went out on the case housing the hard drive. The drive will appear on the Mac Desktop within approximately 30 seconds of connecting and turning on the drive. The hard drive icon designates the external drive. You can simply doubleclick on the drive icon and a window will appear displaying the contents of the drive. Then you can simply copyandpaste, or draganddrop data data, into theplug in hard drive and nothing happens mac I have a lacie hard drive the, Mac, No, I plug in the hard drive and nothing happens. It is not recognized. I Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist. No, I plug in the hard drive and nothing happens. It is not recognized. I hear or feel motion in the drive for a bit, then it stops.

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Plug in hard drive and nothing happens mac free

Normally when you plug in an external hard drive to your Mac's USB port you will see it mount on the desktop. You can also see it in the Finder in the lefthand column under Devices. plug in hard drive and nothing happens mac May 18, 2006 When i Plug in my external hard drive nothing happens. Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by cremet, May 18, 2006. Oct 23, 2013  Hello, I have a hp simple save external hard drive T1. I was working nice but suddenly my computer can not detect it. I change the clable but nothing happensThe blue light in the hard drive Jan 09, 2012 Question: Q: nothing happens when i plug a usb flashdrive into my macbook but when i plug in my blackberry thru usb it works? why? If nothing happens when plug in your USB flash drive through the USB port on a Windows PClaptop, you need professional help. This article provides you with easy and clear steps to make your computer recognize the USB device properly. Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to restore data after system restore, system reinstallation or disk formatting.